Posted by: Peter Urpeth | February 8, 2010

Broad Bay Cage Fighters – Campaign Update – 8th February 2010

Firstly, I think it is very important that all who are interested in and supporting this campaign know that I’ve started this to try and make it happen not to own it, and it is not and can’t be my campaign it has to be ours in the broadest and most inclusive way possible. I’m looking to hold a meeting early next week in the Back area to form a campaign group / committee and really need people to come forward and get involved.

Please let me know via FaceBook or the campaign e-mail address of your willingness to get involved, and I’ll make sure you get details ASAP.

Secondly, I’ve sent e-mails (end of last week) to our three local councillors – Kenny MacIver, John A MacIver and Catriona Stewart.  As of today (Monday) I have heard back from Kenny MacIver, who is getting back to me early this week having looked into this further, so many thanks to him for his prompt reply, and from Catriona Stewart.

No response as yet from John A , will keep you posted, it is still only a few days since they received my mail. I’ll make my e-mails available at the proposed meeting.

Thirdly, I’ve e-mailed our MSP, Alasdair Allan, and received a very prompt,  full and helpful response, and an offer to meet, which I have taken up and we meet next Monday lunchtime in Stornoway. Will post an update after that meeting.

Fourthly, a set of documents is available online detailing the planning applications submitted so far by LCL, and CNES’s responses. These are very interesting documents:

 (click the ‘associated documents’ tab for the full list and downloads).

There is a map in these documents, and comments from the various agencies LCL have consulted with to date. I won’t make any further comments at this time, have a read and do please send me your observations. Reading these documents with their various comments on sea lice treatments, predator deterrence measures etc, has only served to redouble my opposition to this plan.  I am seeking info from CNES on when the original planning consent was granted for this site. Meantime, I think we must act quickly.


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