Posted by: Peter Urpeth | February 11, 2010

LCL Ltd and the Water Environment Regulations – We Must Be Vigilant

In the document Marine Fish Farming Planning Application submitted by Lighthouse Caledonia Ltd to the Comhairle (see posting below), there is a section (9) entitled ‘Discharges’. In section 9a it states: Has an application been made to SEPA under The Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2005. The applicant answers with a tick in the ‘No’ box. Below this, in section 9b it states: Give details of the dates of apporval and the maximum biomass approved. To this the applicant answers that an application to SEPA is being prepared to ‘amend the licence for the inclusion of medicines and adopt a site specific monitoring specification, this may or may not result in the decrease in maximum biomass at this site. Lighthouse Caledonia is not seeking to increase the maximum biomass at the site.’

I checked with SEPA in Dingwall and in Stornoway. No such application has has yet been made. Such applicantions when made are advertised in the local press, and we have 28 days to make a submission to SEPA in response. This we will do, but make sure that we spot this when it arises.

The original licence was granted to LCLtd in June 2008, with the ref: CAR/L/1026656, and the site is described as being at Toa Tolsta.

If you see anything in the press or other media relating to this, please let us know through these pages.


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