Posted by: Peter Urpeth | February 11, 2010

What Lighthouse Caledonia Ltd Are Proposing For Broad Bay

Last week’s Gazette reported on the proposed fish farm development at Broad bay. The applicant, Lighthouse Caeldonia Ltd refused to comment on their proposals in the press. here’s why. If I was planning a site as big as this, I’d try and keep it quiet too…

In a document entitled ‘Marine Fish Farming Planning Application’ submitted to Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar – I believe in October or before in 2009 – by Lighthouse Caledonia Ltd, the proposed site at Broad Bay, Toa Tolsta, Isle of Lewis is described as follows. – NB: All of the following information is in the public domain and available on CNES website:

– The primary equipment proposed for the site is 20 plastic, circular cages, each of 100m circumference, arranged in two groups

– one automatic feed barge

– surface area to be used by the development = 16,080 sq. mtrs (sixteen thousand and eighty)

– area of seabed to be enclosed by moorings = 306000 sq.mtrs. (three hundred and six thousand)

– production planned = 2077 tonnes per annum.

– landing / servicing: the site will be serviced from an office on the feed barge, and a storage facility at Brevig Harbour. This will include: Portakabin for equipment storage and disinfectant. proposed shore base is Brevig harbour.

– underwater lighting will be used on the site.

– according to other documents on the CNES site , the development will have navigational lighting visible for two nautical miles, some of which is permanently on,  some flashing.

– the site will not be used on a rotational basis.

– LHC state the development will create 4 FTE jobs.

In terms of the company’s statements on sea lice and disease management, predator deterrence, working hours, please see the lengthy statements on line in these documents.  For the efficiency of these measures in preventing environmental damage, please see the links on this site, and the many cases of ruination documented on line.

Interestingly, when this site was first granted a lease by the Crown Estate (ref: RC5-39-1), the plan was for 16 square steel cages each with a circumference of 20m, only four less cages but about 80% smaller in circumference than the current proposal, with a surface area of the development being less than half the new plan.

As the Scottish Government say in one of the associated documents on line – this is a very big development.

 Now, this may or may not be the detail of what LCL finally put to CNES in a planning application, but this is what they were planning that triggered the Comhairle’s demand for an Environmental Impact Assessment.


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