Posted by: Peter Urpeth | February 12, 2010

Campaign Meeting – 7.30pm Wednesday 17th February, The Hut, Back

A campaign meeting is organised for:

 7.30pm, Wednesday 17th February at The Hut, Back, Isle of Lewis.

The Hut is situated on the main road through Back, it is set back from the road with a car park in front of the building, between Gordon’s Shop and Back Free Church.

This meeting is open to all local individuals, businesses and organisations in our community, and those potentially affected by the fish farm beyond, who want to campaign against Lighthouse Caledonia Ltd’s proposed  fish farm in Broad Bay. Please note – this meeting is for those who want to get involved, and to support the ‘no’ campaign.

It is vital that everyone opposed to the fish farm attends the meeting and gets involved in the campaign. This is a community campaign against a proposal that will harm our environment and economy. We can stop this fish farm from happening, but we have to work together to achieve that aim before it is too late! 



  1. In the U. S. we have seen how fish farming has poluted the surrounding enviornment with fish fecal matter. Regardless of what the fish farm company says, the containment devices are breachable by the contained species thus in some instances beginning the “contaminating” or compromising the native species gene pool. I am opposed to the proposed fishfarm and hope when I visit the Isle of Lewis in the future I will be fishing over a pristine ocean bay. Good luck with your fight to oppose this proposed farm.

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