Posted by: Peter Urpeth | February 24, 2010

Lighthouse Caledonia – Fish Farm Escapes

The Scottish Government’s fish farm escape stats for the middle quarter of 2009 make grim reading for anyone fearful of the impact the fish farm could have on our local wild salmon and sea-trout population.  The last quarter of 09 up to 4th Jan 2010 show no escapes, but then figures are only listed when there is official confirmation of number of fish escaped.

In May 2009 at Aird in the Highlands, Lighthouse Caledonia lost 17766 fish at 2.5kg each, due to a hole in the net (cause unknown).

In September 2009 at Strone Point, Argyll, a massive 58,800 (at 700g each)  fish escaped in one incident – cause: hole in net (unknown).

In many cases holes in the netting are caused by predator attack.  Broad Bay is home to a significant colony of seals and dolphins, not to mention predator bird colonies.

Also of note is simple human error in some of the stats.

Full stats available at:


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