Posted by: Peter Urpeth | March 1, 2010

Urgent: Lighthouse Caledonia Ltd lodge planning application for Broad Bay fish farm – act now!

Lighthouse Caledonia Ltd have lodged their planning application for this fish farm wwith the Comhairle (local council).

We will be holding an emergency meeting 11.30am, Saturday6th March 2010at The Hut,  Back, isle of Lewis. If you want to attend and need help with a lift or want more info, please let me know at:

Details of the application are at:

Go to this site and in the application ref box type: 10/00105

This opens another page, click the ‘click to view’ button, this opens a window with full details of applicant etc.  The list of documents submitted by Lighthouse Caledonia Ltd, including the planning application form and Environmental Impact Assessment can be obtained by clicking the ‘Associated Documents’ tab.

At the top of the main application page there is a button that says: ‘Submit Comments’ This opens an on-line form  that provides various options and reasons for objecting, also provides space for comment. Please complete this – if you would like to discuss how to complete this form, and what commenst you would like to make, please contact us and we will help you complete the form.


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