Posted by: Peter Urpeth | March 5, 2010

Lighthouse Caledonia Ltd’s management instability raises serious concerns about the company’s fitness to be custodians of our fragile marine environments

 The news that Lighthouse Caledonia Ltd’s Managing Director, Oddgeir Oddsen, was suspended by the company and subsequently resigned, raises serious and urgent concerns about the fitness of the company to be custodians of our fragile marine environments. This campaign is concerned that instabilities and in-fighting in the company’s senior management could significantly reduce the company’s ability to adequately maintain operation of its facilities in full compliance of regulation, with an increased risk of serious environmental disaster occurring as a consequence.

The Company is facing more upheaval at the end of March when its owners dissolve the existing operation in the establishment of a new company, to be called The Scottish Salmon Company. The owners plan for the new company to be based in Jersey and quoted in the Oslo stock markets.

Campaign spokesperson Peter Urpeth said: “It is now absolutely clear that the grim outflows of their fish farms are not the only murky waters in which Lighthouse Caledonia operates. Allegations and rumours of boardroom chaos and in-fighting does nothing to increase confidence in this company’s ability to adequately sustain effective management of their fish farms in our fragile marine environments. What now faces us with this company is the potential of a dangerous mix of high risk business and unstable management. That is simply not good enough from a company that is attempting a massive expansion of its operations in a location that is very exposed and wholly unsuitable, anchored in previously untouched and clean sea waters, and which is close to the estuary of an important wild salmon river?

“For sure, in their planning documents the company makes numerous obligations to follow every regulation going. But everyone with any familiarity with fish farming knows that despite the fish farmers’ constant rose-tinted vision of standards and regulations, escapes occur constantly and lice infestations decimate wild fish populations. What confidence can anyone now have in this company’s ability to manage such risk when their management of themselves is so volatile?”


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