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Urgent – deadline to oppose Brevig fish farm shore base – 23rd September

The deadline to oppose the planning application for a shore-base for the Broad Bay fish farm development is tomorrow – 23rd September.  It is vital that as many objections as possible are registered – this can be done on-line at:

The planning application reference is:    10/00476/PPD

The application documents are attached for consultation purposes – these can be downloaded from the CNES site once you have entered the application reference.

The application is for a ‘temporary’ development for five years. Further evidence that what is happening is the systematic wreckage of Broad Bay’s fragile ecology along with the real potential for the complete ruination of the wild salmonid fishery that so many locally have freely invested their time and skill in developing, and all for the sake of a short-term hit and run development. And let’s not forget the track record of this company – one minute they promise a bright  economic future, the next they put their workforce out the door.  

There are a number of grounds on which to oppose these plans. 

The first is that the reasons for opposition to the fish farm installation in the Bay are the same for this development. This is part of the same development, and therefore the very strong environmental and economic case against the fish farm applies to this development as well.    

Secondly, usage of Brevig harbour as a shore base will involve the storage and movement of environmentally hazardous chemicals to the cages. This planning application includes a building inside the site’s security fencing simply described as a ‘chemical store’.  The risk to the local environment from the chemicals used in the fish farming industry is very significant – including highly toxic infestation treatments and medicines for lice infestation and the diseases associated with high density, ‘factory’ rearing . The application makes no mention of these chemicals; contains no environmental  management statement or plan in the event of spillage. Before any permission for such a development is given these matters need to be fully addressed and the local population informed as to what is being stored in the harbour.

Apart from chemical pollution, anyone who knows these islands will be well aware of the mess and debris fish farms create and leave decaying on our shores. This is potentially hazardous and is certainly unsightly, and Brevig should be protected.

Thirdly, Brevig, like Broad Bay itself, is a totally unsuitable location in which to develop large-scale fish farming. The prevailing sea conditions, tides and extreme weather mean that there is a very significant risk of any development being damaged with very harmful consequences to the local environment – including the risk of large-scale fish escapes and chemical spillage.    

Finally, Brevig is a working and important fishing harbour. The cleanliness of its waters, and those of the Bay in general are vital to that industry. The harbour waters are used as a store point for shellfish before collection, and any pollution of the harbour waters will be extremely harmful to the local fishing shellfish industry.

Please find the time to lodge your opposition to these plans.




Brevig application



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