Posted by: Peter Urpeth | October 19, 2010

Campaign Press Release 19/10/10

Lighthouse Caledonia’s wreckless disregard for the environment of Broad Bay and the overwhelming opposition of local people will be fought to the end
The No Fish Farms In Broad Bay campaign has this week vowed to fight Lighthouse Caledonia’s plans for a fish farm in Broad Bay in the face of the company’s clear disregard for the local environment and the overwhelming opposition of local people to its plans. The vow comes after Lighthouse Caledonia submitted revised and new documentation to the Comhairle in support of its planning application. A second round of public consultation now begins with a deadline for registering opposition to the plans set for 12 November 2010.
Campaign spokesperson Peter Urpeth said:
“The fight to oppose Lighthouse Caledonia’s plans for Broad Bay is now entering a critical phase, and we are very disappointed that despite the clear and overwhelming opposition of local people and the strength of scientific opinion against these plans, the company still intends to progress. Earlier this year James Mullens, Chairman of Lighthouse Caledonia Ltd, stated on the record that the fish farm in Broad Bay was not vital to the company’s plans or local production, and we can therefore see that the company’s intention to progress is nothing based on nothing short of wreckless and unjustifiable greed that threatens a very important local environment and a thriving salmon and sea trout fishery that locals have spent so much time and effort developing. This campaign calls on the Comhairle to see the harm this plan represents and to reject it.
“When the first planning application for the proposed fish farm was submitted earlier this year, we highlighted the fact that the prevailing sea and weather conditions at the proposed site make it totally unsuitable for a development of this kind, and that if this plan proceeds there is a real and significant risk of a local environmental disaster occurring. Lighthouse Caledonia’s responses have done nothing to allay these fears.
“Further, their recent responses fail to adequately address the real risks the proposed fish farm represents to the local wild salmonid fisheries, and especially the very important sea trout populations of Broad Bay. Serious environmental damage, pollution and parasite infestation will scar the local environment for many, many years, and it is clear that for Lighthouse Caledonia these are simply inconveniences they’d like to try and sidestep. We must ensure that they are not allowed to do so.”
Full details of the planning application can be found on the Comhairle’s website:
under planning reference: 10/00105/FFPAES


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