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  1. No matter what promises are being made as regards employment and recruitment, Broad Bay needs this development like a hole in the head. From the local press and lifelong experience, I have seen nothing that willl convince me that this proposal is safe, and would be of benefit to the island wild fisheries and ecology. You only have to look at other sites in the Western Isles to note the on-going effects of thousands of fish that have been force fed and the defacation and smell that lingers round the tanks. Mother Nature can rectify the sea bed mess, given time, but the other side effects such as sea lice blossoming, fish escapes, the effect on other marine creatures is much longer lasting.
    So to the developers….No thanks. Keep Broad Bay farm free, and here’s another thought….Keep trawlers and intensive fish killers out also. Then the native white fish and shellfish might also return through time.

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